I’m blessed with the opportunity to support many incredible charities which help the causes I’m most passionate about – animals, children, the environment, and cancer research.

Below are just a few of the organizations closest to my heart…

Please join me in making a difference!

xox, Laura

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” — Gandalf

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation was established to receive and administer funds for research and education in all aspects of integrative medicine, especially as it pertains to that part which is called variously, holistic, alternative, or complementary veterinary medicine, or CAVM. The Foundation concentrates on 3 aspects: scholarships for veterinary students who are interested in this branch of veterinary medicine, research in this aspect of veterinary medicine, and support for the use of and education in this branch in veterinary schools.

CLEAR Canine Lymphoma Education & Awareness Research Foundation
is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of canine lymphoma through clinical research, and as a resource to dog owners interested in prevention and treatment of this devastating disease.

Helen Woodward Animal Center is a unique, private, non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of animals and enriching the lives of people. For more than 30 years, our no-kill Center has provided humane care and adoption for orphaned animals, as well as animal-centered educational and therapeutic programs for people. The Center is a dynamic, evolving institution that is an agent of change for the animal welfare world. Not only are we operating innovative and beneficial programs for animals and people, but we are teaching others around the world how to successfully market and promote their programs and stop the senseless death of thousands of animals.

ReefDoctor is a not-for-profit marine conservation organization conducting coral reef research and implementing marine management, education and social development work with the local fishing communities of the Bay of Ranobe, South West Madagascar, part of the third largest coral reef system in the world belonging to the 32nd poorest country in the world!

The Dream Street Foundation provides unique camping and support programs for children and young adults with life threatening and chronic illnesses – free of charge. Dream Street brings the dream of normal childhood activities to reality for these children. It is an environment in which no child sits on the sidelines or has to worry about being different.

The Wellness Community offers a free program for cancer patients, and their families and loved-ones. Our goal is to help as many cancer patients as possible recover from the physical and emotional effects of cancer to the greatest extent possible. Our psychological support and educational programs are designed to address the loss of control, hopelessness and social isolation that cancer patients and their families often experience.

Life Rolls On

The Preston’s Planet Foundation


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